We Specialise in Happy Customers

Throughout experienced, technically orientated helpdesk staff 2gether property maintenance provides an industry leading service.

We look after our operatives and supply chain to the same degree we look after our clients. Over the years we have found the connection. Happy and empowered staff result in quick and effective decisions and a customer focussed approach which in turn results in happy clients.

2gether understands that when we attend to a multi-site estate we are representatives of your department and are servicing the needs of your customers whither it be a store office or warehouse manager and must communicate clearly and politely at all times.

Communication we understand is 40% of the overall job, making sure everyone who needs to know about progress and completion does. Through tailored, specific reporting such as job by job updates, weekly reporting, monthly management spend and trend reports and our on-line portal we ensure communication is always timely.

Through in-depth analysis of your maintenance spend through spend and trend reporting we are able to make recommendations for, where appropriate the use of more cost effective methods of delivery, such as Planned and Preventative Maintenance.

We are proud to showcase our friendly and talented staff.

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